Gender & Peace Leadership Programs

With almost two-thirds of the population under 35, Cambodia has one of the youngest populations in the region. The tragic history of the country having gone through a massive genocide in relatively recent times (1975-1979) has certainly altered the current demographic make-up. At the same time, it has contributed to a social generational divide between those who lived through the genocide, and those born after. With starkly different perspectives and ideas for the future, we have found that a great potential for the realization of gender equality and peacebuilding lies in the hands of our youth. We have been working through this initiative to equip young people in the city and rural areas with necessary analytical skills and knowledge on leadership, gender and peace.

Through various interactive and creative experiential learning outdoor approaches, the program also mobilizes and empowers them to take the lead in making a difference and becoming the change they wish to see in their community in tackling gender based violence and creating a culture of nonviolence. Our young leaders are focused on shaping a future that brings peacebuilding and gender equality to the forefront of Cambodia.