The FLD Handbook

Screen Shot 2018-06-12 at 10.38.58 AMFacilitative Listening Design (FLD) is an innovative approach to understand others. Through better understanding of those who we might see as “the other”, we are armed with more information for bringing people together and even building stronger and more lasting peace.

This handbook serves to help anyone better understand other perspectives. It lays out in very simple terms an evolving methodology that can be used for action-research, peacebuilding, and transforming relationships at any level. Fundamental to its core is the strong belief that it is precisely those living with and affected by conflict that have the ability and the tools to overcome it.

Begin the journey by listening to the “other”.

Click here to read: The FLD Guidebook

The FLD Handbook: Using Facilitative Listening Design For Your Project (October 2017)
Authors: Suyheang Kry and Raymond Hyma
Editors: Melissa Martin
Artist: Chris Clemens
© 2017 Women Peace Makers
This edition of the FLD Handbook has been published with the generous support of GIZ Civil Peace Service.

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