Hear, Listen. Look, See. Touch, Feel

15 Cambodians step back From their everyday lives to explore the Other and themselves through their senses. They listen to people and hear their stories. They look at a mask and see themselves. They touch diversity and feel united. This documented journey explores the collaboration between Cambodia- based Facilitative listening Design and Japan-based Peace Mask … Continue reading Hear, Listen. Look, See. Touch, Feel

Who’s listening? Tackling hard issues with empathy

Anti-Vietnamese sentiment is a term often used by academics and the media in the Cambodian context. Commonly associated with electoral politics or communal violence cases, anti-Vietnamese sentiment is more than a sociological phenomenon. It is part of a larger dynamic that can enter the hearts and minds of everyday people. In early 2017, a team … Continue reading Who’s listening? Tackling hard issues with empathy

The FLD Handbook

Facilitative Listening Design (FLD) is an innovative approach to understand others. Through better understanding of those who we might see as "the other", we are armed with more information for bringing people together and even building stronger and more lasting peace. This handbook serves to help anyone better understand other perspectives. It lays out in … Continue reading The FLD Handbook