What We Do

Our Thematic Expertise

Women Peace Makers explores intersectional issues of gender and peacebuilding, and intervenes in areas where we can positively contribute to positive transformation.

We do this by developing interventions that incorporate gender and peacebuilding elements, informed by theory and critical analysis of issues that the people we serve wish to change, transform, learn from, or replicate in their communities. We also serve as a knowledge hub, taking our lessons to others that might benefit from them in their own contexts, including communities, local organizations, and government bodies.


Our Approaches

Our initiatives take various approaches depending on the type of intervention being used and the well-defined goal shared by all partners and participants involved. In order to be fully effective, our work incorporates one or more of the following approaches:


b1We aspire to be grounded by seeking better understanding of the issues and its dynamics from the ground through community research and analysis. Such key learning informs our interventions and best practices to work on issues of gender and peace. The process of knowledge seeking is continuous wherever we are.


B2We continue to share our knowledge and learning with our targets through informed content using innovative and interactive approaches that contribute to raising awareness on issues of gender and peace, transforming behaviors, building capacity, and/or creating supportive systems.


b3We take such knowledge and information to intended audiences for uptake, which includes dissemination projects and communication initiatives aiming to influence policy and practice. We also mobilize and build core networks bringing particular groups together for joint action and dialogue on key issues.

Our Work

Women Peace Makers works on a portfolio of initiatives and projects under our intersectional gender and peacebuilding thematic programs. Our work incorporates our different approaches to intervene in areas that benefit from a gender lens and strive toward transforming conflict. Our activities range from research, capacity building, community engagement, networking, and advocacy.

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