Who We Are

Our Story

Women Peace Makers (known as WPM) began as a youth and women-led peacebuilding network in 2000 concerning about conflict and violence against women in their communities. In 2003, we formally registered as an non-profit and nongovernmental organization in Cambodia and focused our efforts on empowering women, youth, and communities to address conflict nonviolently and to stand up for women rights through community organizing, awareness raising, and among others, capacity building on women rights protection and conflict transformation. At the same time, we sought to build networks of women and youth to engage in dialogue on women rights and contribute to positive social change.

Today’s WPM is the culmination of over a decade and a half of action and learning in the field. We envision a peaceful and gender just society where everyone, regardless of identity, can reach their full potential and live free from violence. We have learned that although women are more likely to be victims of violence and require specific support, they are also key agents of change in their communities and in society at large. We have also learned that men, who may often be the perpetrators of violence against women, are fundamental allies in fighting for gender equality and engaging in conflict transformation. Our efforts to contribute to gender equality and peace, and to leverage female leadership to transform conflict at every level of society, require the support and collaboration of everyone, with a fundamental role for youth to pave the way for real change.

Our Values

We believe women’s participation is absolutely necessary at every step of positive social change, peacebuilding, decision making, leadership, and sustainable development. We partner with women and men in the journey towards equality.

We believe that finding peace in oneself allows us to contribute towards finding peaceful solutions to all conflicts, big and small, and we ultimately strive to transform conflict focusing on relationship building and through nonviolence.

We use nonviolence principles that are constantly reflected upon to ensure our approach is human and in line with our own value and belief as gender advocates and peacebuilders working in participation with our partners and accountable to those we serve. Continued to learn, reflect and share our approach.


Our Vision

Our Mission

WPM envisions a peaceful and gender just society where everyone, regardless of identity, can reach their full potential and live free from violence.
WPM works to support the empowerment of women and youth, transform conflict, and prevent violence by providing creative tools and space for dialogue, deeper understanding and strategic intervention on the issues of gender and peace.